Enough To Nurse A Grudge

| Working | June 26, 2014

(I work at a kitchen of a nursing home. I am walking to another side of the building to pass out snacks when I see a resident trying to stand up from her wheelchair. Three nurses are standing next to her gossiping and not paying attention. The resident almost falls forward when I run fast as I can and catch her and put her back to her chair.)

Me: “Where do you want to go, [Resident]?”

Resident: “I want to go and watch the movie, but they parked my wheelchair and I don’t know how to move it now.”

Me: “I’ll go take you to the movie room.”

(I go and take her to the movie room, and I go back to the nurses.)

Nurse #1: “—did you see that fat girl run?!”

Nurse #2: *laughing* “Yeah, I know!”

Me: *now angry* “You guys should have paid attention to her! She almost fell!”

Nurse #1: “Oh, she falls all the time!”

(Two of the three nurses got fired because the head nurse overheard. The head nurse also told me to come to her when I am done with nursing school and I can have a nursing job.)

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