Enough To Make Your Blood Boil

| Working | May 14, 2017

(The boss is training a new employee who will eventually bus tables and look after the station in the middle of the restaurant with the coffee pots and cutlery, etc.)

Boss: “Okay, so today you are just going to make sure the coffee is always filled, and there’s silverware for the waitresses and the condiments are filled. Got it?”

(The girl nods like she understands.)

Boss: “Oh and don’t let the tea water on the right boil dry. Always watch it.”

(Girl nods again. An hour later we are crazy busy and I go to grab silverware and there’s none.)

Me: “[Girl], where’s the silverware?”

(She turns and looks at me and shrugs, turning back around to the coffee machine.)

Me: “Umm, can you go get some from the kitchen?”

Girl: *shakes her head* “I can’t! I need to watch the tea water!”

(According to the other waitress, the girl hadn’t taken her eyes off the boiling water the whole hour.)

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