Enough To Make You Say Hum-Bug

| Romantic | November 22, 2012

Boyfriend: “I like you. You’re the bee’s knees.”

Me: “Yeah? Well you’re the… aphid’s… navel…”

Boyfriend: “Why an aphid?? And navel doesn’t even rhyme!”

Me: “It was the first thing that came to mind! Okay, wait, you’re the ant’s pants! You’re the beetle’s needles! You’re the bug’s mug! You’re the fly’s thighs!”

Boyfriend: “Ooh, I like that one.”

Me: “You’re the… you’re the…”

Boyfriend: “Are you all out?”

Me: “No! You’re the… the… mantis’s… fantasies!”

Boyfriend: “Aw. Nice try, though.”

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