Enough To Give Pregnant Pause, Part 8

| Romantic | May 20, 2015

(I’m pregnant. My husband and I are doing several renovation projects to our house in preparation for the baby. I am usually the one who does most of the handiwork around the house, but since being pregnant, I’ve had to stand back and let others do it which I find frustrating.)

Me: “So, we still have to paint and hang support rods. We can get to the drywall later.”

Husband: “Yeah, I’ll handle it.”

Me: “Don’t be silly. I can do some of it.”

Husband: “I don’t want our kid having problems. Just go upstairs and relax.”

Me: *offended* “Go upstairs and do what? Just sit around? Why?!”

Husband: *teasing* “Because you’re pregnant and delicate.”

Me: *even more offended* “I am NOT delicate!”

Husband: *teasing harder* “Of course you are. You are a delicate flower and you need to be safe, comfortable, and out of the way.”

Me: *ready to punch him* “WHAT?! What you REALLY mean is bored, lonely, and getting a bigger backside.”

Husband: “Exactly! That’s exactly what I mean! I’m so glad we communicate so well!”

Me: “…”

Husband: *stupid grin*


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