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Enough To Give Anyone High Blood Pressure

| Working | June 14, 2014

(My dad rolled his ankle very badly while on his way to work. He has an important meeting, so he tried to ignore it until he got home. By the time he gets home his ankle is deep purple and swollen to the size of a grapefruit. My mom takes him to an urgent care clinic.)

Doctor: “Okay, sir. Let me check your vitals. Wow! Your blood pressure is really high.”

Dad: “Yeah, I haven’t taken my medicine yet tod—”

Doctor: “You really need to take your blood pressure medicine! It’s very important!”

Dad: “Well, I’m not here for that anyway. I’m here about my ankle.”

Doctor: “Well, you should be more concerned about that blood pressure!”

Mom: “He just switched blood pressure medications last week. We were told we wouldn’t see any change for a whi—”

Doctor: “But still! You need to take them every day!”

Dad: “I DO TAKE THEM EVERY DAY! I just got home from work. I take them before bed. Can you PLEASE tell me if my ankle is broken?”

Doctor: “I don’t think it is. Anyway, I think we need to get that blood pressure under control.”

Mom: “Look here. My husband fell on our driveway THIS MORNING. Over 12 hours ago! He has been walking on that ankle ALL DAY LONG. You would have high blood pressure in that situation, too, and no medicine in the world would fix that. Will you please look at my husband’s ankle?!”

Doctor: “Ugh, fine. No need to get b****y!”

Mom: “EXCUSE ME?! I want to see another doctor!”

Doctor: *smugly* “I’m the only one here.”

Mom: “Whatever! A nurse! A PA, anyone who can look at an X-ray and determine if my husband’s ankle is broken!”

Doctor: “I looked at the X-ray. He’ll be fine. Just stay off your feet for a few days. Just a sprain, you big baby!”

(My dad went to see his regular doctor, since he didn’t trust this one’s opinion. Surprise, surprise, he had a hairline fracture.)

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