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Enjoying The Unexpected Fruits Of Their Labor

, , , | Right | July 21, 2021

I’m a customer at a popular coffee shop. The drink I ordered is iced, comes in a clear plastic cup, and is dark pink in color. As soon as they call my name and the name of my drink, a man walks up and grabs it. I start to tell him it’s my order, but he takes a sip before I can say anything.

Customer: *Confused* “My latte is cold. Really cold. And it tastes fruity.”

Barista: “Uh, sir, that’s not a latte.” *Gestures to me* “And it’s actually hers.”

Customer: “Oh, I like it. It’s really good. I just didn’t expect it to be fruity.”

Barista: “Sir, that’s not yours. I have your latte right here.”

The man just walks away with my drink, muttering, “It’s fruity.” The barista and I just stare after him, dumbstruck.

Barista: *To me* “I’ll… make you a new drink.”

She offered to give me the latte, too, since she’d already made it and the man had paid for it anyway. I don’t drink coffee, so I told her to keep it. I offered to pay for the new drink, but she wouldn’t let me. I put a few extra dollars in the tip jar, instead.

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