Enjoying The Profits Of Honesty

| Working | July 25, 2017

(I’ve been asked to take over the running of the kiosk for my husband’s sports club. It’s just a couple of hours a week, even though it’s classed as volunteering, they’ve offer to pay a little. If I didn’t take it up there would be no kiosk and I figure that the money will pay for some craft items. The last volunteers were a husband and wife team, who had done it for years. After my first night I get a call from the club’s manager.)

Manager: “[My Name], I want to thank you for last night’s effort. In all the years that the kiosk has been running this was the first time it’s ever made a profit.”

Me: *later to husband* “[Manager] called and told that it’s the first time ever the kiosk made a profit. How does that happen?”

Husband: “Yeah, [Volunteer Husband] and [Volunteer Wife] always had an excuse for not making a profit. The food was too expensive to buy, but I bought exactly what they would buy. Also, now that I’ve taken over being treasurer from [Volunteer Husband] the whole club has suddenly started making a profit.”

(Each year before then the club would have a end of year get together. Each person would have to pay for food, which would be a very cheap looking finger food. There would never be any extra money left over. That year, the club had enough money to put on a two course meal and pay for major door prizes – one was a widescreen TV as well as better quality trophies. It doesn’t always pay to be honest but it does feel good.)

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