Engineered A Solution For You

| Related | February 9, 2015

(After I decide to major in English at college, my family and I, who already aren’t on the best terms, really aren’t getting along very well. At the moment, my grandparents are visiting.)

Grandmother: “[My Name], have you reconsidered your college plans yet?”

Me: “I’m still planning on majoring in English when I go to college. I love to write, and it’s something I’m really interested in.”

Grandfather: “Well, we’d like to take you to visit [College known for its math and science programs]. You could study engineering there.”

Me: “Grandpa, I don’t intend to study engineering.”

Grandfather: “Nonsense. We know you better than anyone else, and what’s best for you!”

Grandmother: “Oh, and we started to fill out a form for visiting the college.”

Grandfather: “But we need your birth date to register you for a tour.”

Me: “I’m… turning 17 this Thursday.”

Grandfather: “Well, how were we supposed to know?! We shouldn’t have to know all this stuff about you!”

(Yet they continued to insist they knew what was best for me…)

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