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Engaging In A Strange Fight

, , , , , | Working | May 11, 2018

(I work at a corporate office as a security guard. This particular morning I am at the gatehouse on the inbound lane, checking in visitors and deliveries. One woman comes up and I check her in with no problem. Then, I hand her a visitor badge and give her directions to visitor parking.)

Me: “Follow the sidewalk around the sculpture and cross the entryway, and the main doors will be in front of you. There are receptionists at the desk that will be able to further help you with directions.”

Woman: “Thank you so much! I should stop by security and tell your boss what a good job you’re doing!”

Me: “You are more than welcome to do that, and it is very appreciated! Thank you, ma’am, and you have a wonderful day!”

(I open the gate for her. As the woman starts to drive through, she hits her brakes and points at my left hand.)

Woman: “Aren’t you a little old for a promise ring?”

(I look down at my ring, which is a sapphire with tiny diamonds on each side.)

Me: “It’s an engagement ring, ma’am.”

(The woman, who was so nice before, turns nasty. The gate also closes in front of her car.)

Woman: “No, it’s not. Engagement rings are diamonds. Diamonds!

Me: *staying polite* “Ma’am, it can actually be whatever I’d like. I honestly don’t like diamonds. If—”

Woman: “Don’t you get that tone with me! All women like diamonds! You’re just pretending to fit in or something!”

(I see a pile of badges next to my computer that my coworker has made for the cars behind the nasty woman.)

Me: “Ma’am, I apologize if my ring offends you, but if there isn’t anything else I can do for you, I have to ask you to move along so that we can get the visitors behind you to their appointments.”

Woman: “F*** them. You kids and pretending to have what you don’t. Let’s pretend you are getting married. When are you going to the dentist to get those buck teeth fixed? Can’t get married with an overbite!”

(At this point my coworker came out and took over dealing with the woman because I was now visibly upset. When he asked her to leave, she rammed the gate, knocking the arm off of the mechanism, and sped up the hill. He got her plate, and I gave him her name and the name of her contact. My site supervisor found her car and reported the woman to HER supervisor. I found out the next day that the nasty woman had to pay for the damages to the gate arm, and had a harassment complaint on her record for what she’d said to me at the gate!)

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