Engaging In A Distraction

| Working | May 10, 2015

(My fiancé and I are doing some shopping for our upcoming wedding. We’re a gay couple. With us are two of our friends; one is acting as our wedding planner, he’s gay as well, and the other is the Maid of Honor. The following happens as we’re buying the fabric for the ‘groom’s maid’ dresses.)

Employee: “So what’s the occasion?”

Fiancé: “A wedding.”

Employee: *visibly excited, looking to the Maid of Honor* “Congratulations! When’s the date?”

Fiancé: “August.”

(The wedding planner gets distracted by something in the distance and wanders off. A moment later:)

Wedding Planner: “Ooh! [Maid of Honor], come look at this!”

(She goes off to see what he found.)

Employee: *to my fiancé and me* “That must be why they brought the two of you along for their wedding shopping, since they’re so easily distracted.”

(We didn’t bother correcting her. Our friends were excited to hear the news about their engagement.)

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