Engaged In Religious Debate

| Romantic | May 14, 2013

(My boyfriend proposes after a seven-year relationship. We are not religious, even though his parents are. We are having dinner with his parents.)

Dad: “You two had better become Christians. You need to thank God; he made it happen.”

Fiancé: “We don’t believe in God. I understand you do, and we respect it. But please don’t push it on us. We are getting married because we want it to happen; not God, nor anyone else.”

Mom: “I think you need to reconsider. Two nights ago, we were wondering when you would marry. I prayed to God for you to marry, and it worked!”

Dad: “Yep. So it is God’s work. Who knows how many more years you’d go on without proposing if we hadn’t prayed?”

Fiancé: “Did you say just two nights ago?”

Dad: “Yes!”

Fiancé: “I started ring shopping three weeks ago, and bought it last week.”

Mom: “Well, you probably would have just kept it, and been afraid to ask if we hadn’t prayed!”

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