Engage Your Brain

| Romantic | September 5, 2013

(My boyfriend and I are both 14. We have been dating for roughly seven months. I am wearing a ring on my right middle finger with a black rose and a fake diamond on it. My boyfriend takes it off and tries it on his left ring finger. Discovering it fits, we turn to face one of our mutual friends, a grin on his face.)

Boyfriend: “Hey, look! I’m engaged!”

Friend: “What?!”

(Our friend turns to face me, confused. I laugh and take the ring back, putting it on my right middle finger again.)

Me: “Ignore him; he stole my ring.”

Friend: “You mean… you’re engaged?”

Me: *sarcastically* “Yes, I’m 14 years old and engaged to someone I’ve been dating for seven months.”

Friend: “Really?”

Boyfriend & Me: *facepalm*

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