Enforcing The Policy Is A Badge Of Honor

, , , | Working | May 16, 2018

(I work in a highly secure department of a large company. Due to security requirements, everyone is required to show their ID badge at all times. Failing to do so, or failing to report someone you see without a badge, is a security infraction. I am coming back to the office from lunch. As I use my badge to open the door, a pair of men in suits come in behind me, no badges showing.)

Me: “Can I see your badges, please?”

Man #1: *in a sort-of joking tone* “What if I say no?”

Me: *calmly* “Then I will call security and have you escorted off of the premises or arrested. Can I see your badges, please?”

Man #2: *laughing at the first man and pulling out his badge to show me* “Don’t be an a**, [CEO’s First Name], she’s doing exactly what she’s supposed to. It would serve you right if she did. Show her your d*** badge!”

(The first man showed me his badge, looking embarrassed. He was the CEO! And the second man was the Chief Security Officer! I’m glad I decided to be strict about enforcing the security policy!)

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