Ends Up Doing The Rice Thing

| Related | August 8, 2013

(My husband and I are helping our son pick out a dish from the kids lunches at a local Chinese restaurant. He says that he wants noodles, and my husband insists that the pork-foo-young would have noodles, so we order it. When the waitress brings the food and leaves, he looks at his dad and points at the plate.)

Son: “RICE!”

(I turn to my husband to ask him if we should just get a side order of noodles, but our son continues.)

Son: *picking up a pinch of the rice* “See this? It’s SHORT!”

(My husband and I crack up laughing at our son, and he stifles a smile behind an attempt at a very serious expression.)

Son: “Rice. Rice. RICE!”

(We negotiate having some noodles later that night if he is okay with the rice for lunch.)

Son: “Okay. And I’ll have some water and I’ll have some tea, too. But that’s it. I’m at my limit!”

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