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Endangered With Comb-Overs

, , , , , | Right | April 9, 2009

(A man walks up to me with his son while I’m tending the bird section.)

Man: “Excuse me, what are those birds?”

Me: “They’re bald eagles.”

Man: “Well, that’s just so god-d**n cheap! Our nation’s capital, and we can’t even afford young eagles!”

Me: “Sir, that eagle isn’t very old at all. Eagles have a life span of–”

Man: “Don’t give me any excuses! I know they’re old! They’re bald! You only get bald when you’re old!”

Man’s Son: “Yeah, just like you, Dad!”


(Apparently, on his way out he complained about the same thing to three zookeepers, and all three of them just laughed.)

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