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Employees Vs. Zombies

, , , , | Right | December 23, 2020

It’s two days before Christmas and I’m in line at a game store in a strip mall. I need to get three gift cards: two for sisters, and one for another friend. This takes me nearly half an hour due to both customers and employees. For starters, the store is staffed by only two employees. There are two people in line ahead of me.

Customer #1: “Do you have a copy of Plants vs. Zombies 2?”

Mind you, you can download this game for free.

Employee #1: *Checks inventory* “Looks like we have one left.”

The employee checks the rack and notices that it’s not there.

Employee #1: “Is anyone here holding Plants vs. Zombies 2?”

Customer #2: “Yes, I am.”

Employee #1: “These people would like to buy it.”

Customer #2: “I’ve been holding it in my hand since before they came in the store; they just got in line before I did.”

Employee #2: “I’ll call around and see if any of our other stores have it.”

Customer #1: “I should be able to buy that copy; I was in line first.”

This goes on for a bit while [Employee #2] calls around. Meanwhile, [Employee #1] goes through the process of — slowly — ringing up [Customer #2]’s purchases. I am next in line throughout all of this.

Employee #2: “Looks like our store twenty minutes away has it; I’ve asked them to hold it for you.”

Customer #1: “You have been very rude to me! I can’t believe you would sell that game to her when I was clearly in line first.”

Customer #2: “I was here before you; I just got out of line to get more things.”


[Employee #1] then motions me up, and I request three $10 gift cards.

Employee #1: “Looks like the only gift cards we have say, ‘Happy Birthday,’ on them.”

Me: “Seriously? These are for Christmas! I don’t even need Christmas themes; just the standard black gift cards you carry all year will do!”

Employee #1: “Let me check.”

In the end, he managed to find two non-“Happy Birthday” gift cards. I feel bad for that employee, working with people who think it’s okay to start customer feuds, dealing with idiot customers, and working in a store run by a manager who doesn’t know how to staff properly or manage basic inventory items.

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