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Employees Can’t Have Social Lives; They’re Not People

, , , | Right | CREDIT: I_am_dean | January 16, 2022

My friend was a manager at a restaurant and my other friend was a server. A few friends and I went to visit them and get some good food. While my friends were being directed to a table, I stopped to talk to my server friend.

The uniforms were black pants and a white shirt. I just so happened to be wearing black yoga pants and a white shirt — similar but not the same. I talked with my friend for about two minutes and then walked to the bathroom. I walked past a table and the woman there was staring me down. I just ignored her and walked into the bathroom. When I came out, the woman was waving at me. I awkwardly waved back.

Woman: “Hello, can you come here?!”

I awkwardly looked around and walked over.

Woman: “It was very rude of you to ignore me!”

It didn’t hit me until then that she assumed I worked there.

I laughed, and before I could explain, she demanded the manager. At this point, she was pretty loud, so another server came up. She demands the manager again, so the server went to get him.

Manager: “What’s the problem, ma’am?”

Lady: “Your server ignored me and gestured at me.”

Manager: “Who? [My Name]? She doesn’t work here.”

Lady: “But you know her.”

Manager: “Yeah, but she doesn’t work here.”


She really didn’t understand how he could know me if I didn’t work there.

This went on, and eventually, she accepted it and dismissed us by saying I shouldn’t be dressed like the servers.

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