Employees Are Not Human!

, , , | Right | November 29, 2019

(A man comes up to my register and begins asking me questions in a very condescending manner. I tend to be very laid back and answer his questions rather stoically but politely. This, apparently, upsets him.)

Customer: “You know, I miss the good old days. You should be thanking me just for stepping foot in this store! The customer is always right, you know. You should be more enthusiastic. ‘Yes, sir! How can I help you, sir? Whatever you say, sir!’”

Me: “I’m sorry, was I not answering your questions politely despite how rude you were being to me? How about ‘I’m a human being and I’m not your servant, sir.’”

Customer: “Well!”

(He didn’t have anything else to say after that.)

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