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Employees Are Human, Too

, , , | Right | July 26, 2021

I have to return something to the grocery store, so I get in the customer service line. It’s a very long line and the woman working the counter is moving as fast as she can. Nobody is being outright rude to her, but people are also not being kind — no small talk, a clear air of impatience, foot tapping, and almost always a complaint about the wait. Finally, I get up to this clearly overworked woman.

Me: “How are you doing?”

Her head snaps up abruptly, she makes eye contact, and for a solid five seconds, she stares open-mouthed at me, frozen.

Worker: “Oh, erm, well, it’s a little crazy here right now, but I’m making it through!”

We had a short conversation as she rang my return, and I mentioned louder than needed that she was doing great.

Even if you’re not rude to a worker, it still makes them happy to be treated like a human being. I hope I made her day a bit more bearable.

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