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Embracing New Friendships

| Friendly | February 6, 2014

(It is my first time at Burning Man, and ‘the man’ has just burned. Afterwards, my boyfriend and some of our friends go looking for where we parked our bikes. A very enthusiastic European woman bumps into me.)

Woman: “Oh! I am so sorry!”

(She looks at me. I am wearing a scarf that covers my eyes, nose, and mouth due to dust. Only my eyes are exposed.)

Woman: “Your EYES! They are magnificent!”

Me: “Oh, thank you!”

Woman: “You simply must let me hug you! Ah, new friend!”

(Although I’m a short person, I feel I am gifted in the art of hugs.)

Woman: “Ah! What wonderful loving hugs!”

Me: “If you like my hugs, try hugging him.”

(I pull over my boyfriend, who is very tall, a little chubby, with very big hands. He is ‘famed’ for his hug talent. He understands right away that I’m pimping out his hugs, and opens his arms for this woman.)

Woman: “Yeee!”

(She hugs him, then squeals, jumping up and hugging him with all four limbs.)

Woman: “Is like he is the papa bear, and I am the baby bear! Eeeeee! So nice!”

(Some people might have been jealous in this scenario. I thought it was the most hilarious, memorable, sweet thing I had seen the whole event. My boyfriend felt a lot of joy in being everyone’s ‘papa bear’ after that.)

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