Email Fail, Part 9

| Working | January 24, 2017

(I work at a sales company. The best part of the job is responding to emails potential customers sent us. I call Mr. T.)

Me: *getting an answer phone* “Good morning, my name is [My Name] calling from [Company]. I am calling to respond to an email you sent us needing some information. I will try you again later today.”

(Later that day…)

Me: *getting an answer phone* “Good afternoon, my name is [My Name] calling from [Company]. Just a quick call to try to reach you about some information you requested from our website. I will send you an email and hope to speak with you soon.”

(A few days later… no calls, no emails…)

Me: *he picks up* “Good morning, this is [My Name] calling from [Company]. I am calling to respond to an email you sent us needing some information.”

Mr. T: *gruffly* “I didn’t send any email.”

Me: “Apologies; I have an email with your contact information a few days ago.”

Mr. T: “Oh, well, I might have sent it. I don’t remember.”

Me: “I imagine you are quite busy. Let me send you the information and I can speak with you once you have had the chance to review it.”

(Not looking forward to dealing with him again a give him a few more days.)

Me: “Good morning, this is [My Name] calling from [Company]. I am calling back about your request.”

Mr. T: *very aggressively* “I am in a meeting. Don’t call me again!”

(I have had enough. Clearly he did send us that email; that is the only way we had his email address. I don’t bother contacting him again and make sure my boss and his file makes it clear what sort of person he is.)

Boss: “Hey, can I talk to you a minute?”

Me: “Err, yeah, sure…”

Boss: “What’s this note about Mr. T?”

(I explain the whole story, worried that I may have been a little too honest.)

Me: “Is that okay?”

Boss: “Hmm? Oh, yeah, of course.” *he goes back to his office strangely leaving his door open*

Boss: *on phone* “I don’t care how big your budget is. If you cannot speak to my staff with some common courtesy, then I will not help you.” *pause* “Well, that is the situation you put yourself in. You are a manager, you should—“ *pause* “No. I am the boss, there is no one else to speak to, I make the decisions, and no, I will not help you.” *hangs up*

(Even though he lost money that day, my boss was in a great mood. Some managers do value their staff.)


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