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Email Fail, Part 5

, | Working | August 8, 2015

(I have just booked a hotel for my brother but accidentally put in the incorrect email address. I now need to cancel the booking and call the website’s customer service department to help me with it.)

Me: “Hi,yes, I booked a hotel for my brother and it needs to be canceled, but the email I entered is incorrect. Can I please cancel the request with you?”

Customer Service Rep: “Sure. What was the email that you entered the confirmation under?”

Me: “That’s the thing. It was a typo error. I never got a confirmation email because I typed in the email incorrectly. It’s off by a letter. Is there any other way to look up the reservation?”

Customer Service Rep: “Sure, what’s the phone number?”

(I give them the phone number I reserved the room with.)

Customer Service Rep: “I’m sorry but I can’t find it under that phone number. Do you have the email address?”

Me: “Again, I don’t know what the email address is under as I typed it incorrectly. Can you look it up by name?”

Customer Service Rep: “Sure. We can try that. What’s the name?”

(I give my brother’s name.)

Customer Service Rep: “I’m still unable to find the reservation. Do you know the email address? I can find it using that.”

Me: *getting frustrated* “Again, I don’t know what the email address is under as I spelled it out wrong. The hotel is [Name] hotel in Portland. You don’t see anything under the hotel?”

Customer Service Rep: “Oh, here it is. And you said you want to cancel this reservation?”

Me: “Yes. The trip was canceled and we won’t be needing the hotel anymore. Can I please have a confirmation sent to a different email address?”

Customer Service Rep: “We can email the canceled reservation to the address we have on file.”

Me: “As I’ve said before… that email address is wrong. If you send the confirmation to that email address I will not receive it as that email does not exist!”

Customer Service Rep: “Okay. We should probably update that email address. What’s the new email address?”

(I give her the correct email address.)

Customer Service Rep: “Okay, I’ve updated the email address. Is there anything further I can help you with?”

Me: “So you have canceled the reservation and will email the new address?”

Customer Service Rep: “Yes. The reservation has been canceled and an email will be sent to—” *rattles off old email address*

Me: “Wait… No. I need the confirmation sent to the new email address I just gave you. ” *gives new email address*

Customer Service Rep: “Oh, okay. It’ll be sent to [new email address].”

Me: “Yes, to [new email address]. Can you send it now so I can confirm we get the cancellation confirmation?”

Customer Service Rep: “Sure.”

(We wait for confirmation. After about three minutes, we don’t get anything.)

Me: “We haven’t gotten a confirmation.”

Customer Service Rep: “Well, I show it was sent to [old email address]. Are you sure that’s correct?”

Me: “NO! That’s the OLD address! I need the confirmation sent to the NEW email address of [new email address]!”

Customer Service Rep: “Oh,okay. I’ve sent a new confirmation.”

(Now my brother calls out from the other room saying he got the confirmation.)

Me: “Thank you. We received the confirmation.”

Customer Service Rep: “Was there anything else I can help you with?”

Me: “Good god, no!” *hangs up*

(Overall, the call took about 45 minutes. Lesson learned… DOUBLE CHECK YOUR EMAIL ADDRESS!)