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Email Fail, Part 34

, , , | Right | September 7, 2021

Caller: “I got a past due notice sent in the mail that I want to take care of.”

Me: “Certainly, I can help with that.”

After I get the invoice information…

Caller: “I just don’t understand how this is past due! Why didn’t y’all try to get in contact with me? This had better not affect my credit score!”

On my screen, I can see every email we’ve sent to the customer in the two months since he placed his order.

Me: “No, it won’t affect your credit score. We did try to email you… six times, it looks like. Did you receive them? Is your email [Caller] at [Website]?

Caller: “Yes, I saw those emails and deleted them. I figured those stupid-looking emails weren’t real. I figured if you needed payment, you’d get a hold of me.”

Yes, that’s what the emails were for. And before anyone asks, the body of the emails simply read: “Your credit card declined on [order number]. Please give us a call at [company phone number] to provide a new payment method.” So spammy.

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