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Email Fail, Part 29

, , , , | Right | January 13, 2021

A new customer is attempting to get set up for online payments with us and is having difficulty with our systems.

Customer: “I keep getting error messages that don’t make any sense!”

I have several usernames associated with his account, each of them an email address, all of which are variations of his name, like [Customer1]@[website], or [Customer12]@[website].

This conversation takes place via email, from yet a different email address, none of which is one of the ones I already have.

Customer: “I’m not seeing an option to add a payment method when I log into your website.”

Me: “Hmm, that’s odd. Can you tell me what username you’re logging in with?”

Customer: “Mine.”

Me: “Um. Okay. Let me try again. Can you tell me exactly what letters or numbers, in exactly what order, you are typing into the box that says, ‘Username,’ on our site?”

Customer: “Oh, that’s my email address!”

Cue head-desk.

I did finally manage to get him to send me a screenshot of what was happening.

He was using yet again another different email address, not the one he was emailing me from or any of the ones I had on file. This turned out to be associated with a different account altogether. He did eventually make his payment, though!

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