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Email Fail, Part 26

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A while back, my office hired a new — somewhat senior — manager. He was a guy in his late forties — quite a nice guy, if I may add — with tons of experience in direct marketing, but quite bad with computers and anything IT. We noticed from day one that it took him an hour to type a few complete sentences, but emailing was mandatory, due to the size of the company. 

A few weeks into the job, he still wasn’t sending any relevant emails. Once in a while, he would send a blank email to the entire team, or a partial email, but that was it. My coworkers and I were getting a bit frustrated at this point; one of us had to go and ask him about his agenda personally, and then someone would put this in an email and send it to the entire team.

A couple of more weeks passed by. The new manager was getting a bit cranky. He was mumbling about people “always resending his words.” He then called us for a short meeting one day, saying how disappointed he was that nobody ever replied to his emails, and that people just ignored his replies.

We were all baffled, as none of us had ever received any sensible reply.

I thought there may be a problem with his email account; he seemed to receive everything, but apparently, whenever he tried to send something, it got “lost.”

I offered to look into his settings to see if I could help and I noticed over 200 items in the draft folder. Long story short, the guy thought that “Save” as in “Save draft” sent an email, and that “Send” meant “Send to trash.” Mystery solved.

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