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Email Fail, Part 25

, , , | Right | April 16, 2020

The caller I’m helping is setting up an iPhone for her email account, and she’s already able to use it in Outlook on her computer. She forgot her password, though, and wants to reset it. I attempt to validate her account, and she fails two of the three tries.

Caller: “Is there another way I can verify the account, or something else I can try?”

Me: “Absolutely. If you go to [website], you can put your email address without the @[ISP] part of it, and click the ‘Forgot Password’ link. It’ll ask you for the first half of your email address, the answer to a security question, and where you want your temporary password sent.”

Caller: “Okay, I’ll try that.”

The caller takes a few moments to fill out the information the reset section needs, and shortly after…

Caller: “Okay, I’m done. Can I check Outlook to see if it’s in there?”

Me: “That depends. How did you want the temporary password sent to you?”

Caller: “I had them send it to my email.”

Me: “Which email?”

Caller: “The one we’ve… been… Oh. I sent it to the email address we’ve been trying to set up.”

There’s a long pause on both sides of the call.

Me: “Let me see if there’s another way I can get you that temporary password.”

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