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Email Fail, Part 17

, , , , | Right | March 27, 2018

(I work in the print center of a chain office supply store. Sometimes we custom design things such as flyers for customers, but we do not keep the files in our system. We always notify customers of this and ask if they would like us to save it to a flash drive for them, or we can email it to them. An elderly couple comes in to get custom envelopes printed for their church.)

Me: “Now that we have the design set up, is there an email I can send it to, in case you would like to order these again?”

Customer: “Oh, we don’t have an email. Can you just mail it to us?”

Me: “Mail? Like in an envelope?”

Customer: “Yeah, like with the post office.”

Me: “Uh… No, sir, that’s not possible.”

Customer: *getting upset and raising their voice* “Why not?! Aren’t you supposed to do everything you can to make the customer happy?”

Me: “Yes, sir, but it’s on the computer. It’s just not possible. I can email it, or you can purchase a flash drive to save the file on.”

Customer: “Just forget it. This is way too complicated!”

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