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Email Fail, Part 16

, , , | Working | January 22, 2018

(I work as an associate for a company, and am entitled to an email address as per their policy. While I receive information through it, I have it connected to my work email for my actual employer. The company has had an upgrade in their email software, and everyone has been allocated new roles and job titles and placed into a hierarchy. The IT lead for our office is taking us through the new system. A lot of questions come up, but he dodges every single one.)

Coworker: “Why does it say my line manager is [CEO]? I’ve literally never met her, and having nothing to do with her.”

IT: “That’s the new hierarchy; it’s much better than before!”

Coworker: “It says I’m a cleaner when it should say I’m an HSE Manager. I didn’t even think cleaners got email addresses.”

IT: “Everyone gets an email address with the new system!”

Me: “I’m not even part of your company, and it says I’m listed as your finance director.”

IT: “Like I said! Everyone!”

Me: “Yes, but listing me as your company’s sole finance director sounds like a pretty dangerous blunder, since I’m not in any way involved with your company’s finances, and [Company] and [My Employer] are considered competitors.”

IT: “Don’t worry about it. This new system is better!”

(So, we all tried to get on with the new system, but in a little over an hour I was inundated with emails regarding potentially the most commercially sensitive information concerning the company. I tried to get in touch with IT, but our lead had vanished, and the department had closed its lines due to “increased calls.” I was at a loss as to what to do, so I tried to get in touch with the actual finance director, who I found out had only been receiving menus, with instructions to laminate them, from an extremely irate receptionist in Cardiff. He was listed as an intern. He requested that I forward on the emails. I did, and within five minutes everyone got an email telling us that the system would be undergoing maintenance and instructing us to use the old system. The new system has been completely forgotten about now, and nearly half the IT department was fired after the blunder, including our lead. I got a personal thank-you and commendation from the CEO for maintaining neutrality during the incident. The manager for my actual employer often jokes that I should have forwarded everything on to him.)

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