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Em-Bra-ce The Advice Of A Senile Old Woman

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My great aunt is 98 years old and has Alzheimer’s. Other than that and some eye trouble, she is very fit, and often gets in trouble at her nursing home for zooming with her walker up and down the hallways.

Unfortunately, her memory is completely shot, and she doesn’t recognize any of her family, and often refers to friends that passed long, long ago. Regardless, my mother makes it a point to go out of state to see her at least once a year. She has spent the last week there, and has just gotten back home. I ask how it went.

My mother tells me that she and my great aunt sat and talked for a while, and then my mother reminded her that it was dinner time and offered to walk her down to the cafeteria. My great aunt happily agreed — it was a good day, though on bad days she can be a bit… grouchy — and they went down. Once seated they talked for a little while longer.

My great aunt had no idea who she was or where, and seeing how out of touch with reality she was, my mother was a bit bleary eyed and emotionally drained, and decided it was time to head out. She told her aunt how great it was to see her, but that she really must be going. My great aunt was disappointed, but understood. Just as my mom stood up, my great aunt popped up and wished her a warm goodbye:

“It was so nice to see you. We should do this again soon, [Name that my mother doesn’t recognize]. Be safe. Keep your bra clean.”

This made my mom smile, and when she left, she felt a bit better. My mother tells me that if this is her last memory of her aunt, then she is okay with that.

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