Elixirs Of Everlasting Life Are On Aisle 5

| | Right | January 7, 2010

(While ringing up a customer, the computer flags cold medicine and asks for age verification.)

Me: “Sir, I need to verify your date of birth.”

Customer: “Why?”

Me: “You’re trying to buy medicine and I just need your date of birth to confirm you are over the age of 18.”

Customer: “Oh. April 20th, 1420.”

Me: “Sir, I really need your actual birth date to continue.”

Customer: “4-20-1420. Put it in.”

(I enter the date. The system accepts. I look in disbelief.)

Customer: “Told you.”

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  • Cerys Robinson

    Presumably the customer is clearly way over eighteen.

    • Neil Fairweather

      In which case there’s no need to insist on the “actual birth date” in the first place…

      • Cerys Robinson

        Please stop rejecting my suggestions by being rational.

        • Neil Fairweather

          Why are you implicitly acknowledging I’m right? That’s totally uncalled for.