El Burro Sabe Mas Que Tu, Part 2

| Winston-Salem, NC, USA | Learning | November 15, 2013

(I am in fifth grade. Our Spanish teacher is gone for a few weeks to get married. Our substitute doesn’t know any Spanish, and is at a loss for how to deal with us.)

Substitute: “Ho-lah class-ay, I’m substituting for sen-nor-ita Qway-suh-dilly.”

Class: “Quesada.”

Substitute: “What?”

Class: “That’s her name. Where is she?”

Substitute: “Man, they don’t tell me who I’m subbing for. Are there any worksheets or something you kids can be doing?”

Class: “No.”

(In the end, the substitute found a VHS of ‘The Lion King’ in Spanish with Spanish subtitles for us to watch, the whole time mumbling the English lyrics to himself at the back of the room.)


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