Ego Boost, Or You Looked Teenage-Girl Wasted

, , , , | Legal | March 26, 2019

(I live near a high tourist area in Florida. It’s an event week and several local colleges and universities are on spring break. The local county school high schools do not have spring break until the following week. I am out shopping when I am stopped by an officer.)

Officer: “Miss, I need to see some ID. You need to get back to class before you get into trouble for truancy.”

Me: “Officer, I think there’s been some kind of mistake. I go to the local college and we are on spring break. Also, I graduated high school in 1998, but thanks for the ego boost.”

(I did show him my ID. He looked back and forth between it and me rather incredulously several times. I’m not sure how old he thought I was, but over 35 was obviously not the answer.)

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