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Efficiently Pointing Out Maleficent

, , , , | Working | January 22, 2019

(It’s the first day of training for my new job at the Disney store. We’re doing “team-building exercises,” which are really just games involving Disney characters in one way or another. One of these games is to write down our favorite character and try to guess whose is whose as the manager reads them off.)

Manager: “Cinderella.”

(Two people are pointed at, and one is correct.)

Manager: “Lumiere.”

(Three people get pointed at, and once again, one is correct.)

Manager: “Maleficent.”

(EVERYONE points at me.)

Me: “We’ve only known each other for TEN MINUTES! And yeah, that was me.”

(This was several years before the Maleficent movie came out; I’m pretty sure it’s a more common answer nowadays.)