Education Needs A Revolution

| NY, USA | Related | July 24, 2012

(One summer day, my 13-year-old sister wanders into the living room, where I am watching ‘The Patriot’ on TV. She joins me and watches quietly for about ten minutes.)

Sister: “Wait, what war is this?”

Me: “What?”

Sister: “What war is this? Is this the Civil War?”

Me: “It’s the Revolutionary War.”

Sister: “Oh. I thought it was the Civil War. You know, the Blue and the Red?”

Me: “The Civil War was the Blue and the Grey.”

Sister: “Oh.”

(Another few minutes go by.)

Sister: Who did we fight in the Revolutionary War?”

Me: “Um… The British.”

Sister: “Oh.”

(Another few minutes.)

Sister: “Where are the British from? Britland?”

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