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Edited His Opinion

, | Learning | May 26, 2015

(I am the student in this story. I am in a production editing class and we have been assigned footage that we must edit into a short film. My teacher comes over to look over what I have done so far.)

Teacher: “This is horrible! First off, the shots are way too long, there needs to be music added, and you haven’t color corrected it. It’s horrible!”

(He then proceeds to leave before watching my cut all the way through. The final cut is due the next week, but due to computer problems I am not able to do anymore work in the project, so I have to turn it in just the same as before.)

Teacher: “Oh, wow, this is great. I really like how long you held on these shots, and not using music really helps tell the story. Wow, you are really talented at color correction. I think is the best edit I’ve watched so far!”

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