Economics Is About Supply and Nevermind

| Right | October 6, 2011

(Our store has a weekly special where if you buy certain item(s), you get a few other items for free. The customer I’m ringing up has two pizzas, which are the items you need to buy for this week’s deal.)

Me: “By the way, ma’am, since you bought these two pizzas, you can get chicken tenders, popsicles, and a 2 liters soda for free. It’s part of our weekly deal.”

Customer: “I don’t want them.”

Me: “Well, they’re free, ma’am.”

Customer: “I don’t care! I don’t want them!”

Me: “Well, you could just take them and give them to someone you know.”

Customer: “Why would I give them anything for free? That’s stupid.”

Me: “Well, you could charge them for it, I guess. If you sold it for less than we sell it, they’d buy it off of you, I’m sure.”

Customer: “Nobody would be stupid enough to do that!”

Me: “What?”

Customer: “Just shut up and ring me up!”

(I proceed to ring her up without her free items.)

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