Eating That Many Will Make You Look Like A Dumpling

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(My friend and I decide to go to a casual sushi train restaurant. They also have a selection of hot food, one option being prawn and vegetable dumplings. You can get either of these options in a plate of three and a plate of five.)

Server: “What can I get you today?”

Me: *lists what we are ordering* “Oh, and we would like three prawn dumplings and three vegetable dumplings.”

(When our food does come out, the waitress puts down three PLATES of three prawn dumplings each.)

Me: “No, we only ordered one plate with three dumplings.”

Waitress: “The order said three?”

Me: “Yes, three dumplings, not three plates.”

(The waitress takes the extra plates back and we continue with our meal. After a few minutes, the original server comes out, followed by what looks like a manager.)

Server: “You told me you wanted three dumplings!”

Me: “We meant one plate of three dumplings, not three plates!”

Server: “Well, when you say three, I will take that as three!”

Me: “Why would we want six whole plates of dumplings? Eighteen dumplings between two of us?”

Server: “Well, when you say three, I order three!”

(The server then stomped off with the manager following behind. We ate quickly and left as soon as we could.)

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