Eaten Alive By The Kindergarteners

| Learning | June 11, 2015

(A boy in my class tends to finish his work early and always starts to draw afterwards. One day, my teacher tires of this.)

Teacher: “[Student]! Stop it!”

Student: “But I—”

Teacher: “If you want to draw all day, I’ll take you to where you can draw all day!”

(The teacher then proceeds to march to his desk, and grab a hold of him by the arm, and then turns to the rest of us.)

Teacher: “I’m not allowed to leave you alone, so you come with me.”

(We all get up from our seats and walk with her down the hall, her still holding the boy’s arm, until we get to a random kindergarten class. My teacher knocks on the door, and when the kindergarten teacher opens the door, she shoves the boy inside and starts leading us back to our room.)

Teacher: “If you brats don’t shape up I’ll do the same thing to you!”

(I never saw that boy again. This teacher also failed any drawing assignments where the sky wasn’t kept white with blue clouds, tried to give me detention for using a water fountain in the classroom during indoor recess, and screamed at us for a half hour when someone mispronounced her name as ‘Clay’ instead of ‘kill-ay’.)

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