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Eat At Home Next Time, Princess

, , | Right | CREDIT: pacexmaker | October 6, 2021

It’s the peak of one of our busiest mornings: Sunday at a breakfast restaurant. A table of six women asks me if I could split their check six ways.

Me: “I can do that, but it will take me a minute as I have multiple other tables right now.”

Woman: “Are we making your job too difficult, princess?”

I’m a proud (male) server of eight years and I know an entitled jerk when I see one.

Me: “I’ll do it, but it will just take me a little while. I can’t neglect everyone else because of the time commitment closing six checks takes. I’ll be as quick as I can.”

I go around, get my drink order for another table I’ve just had sat, and finally close out their six checks. I sign the Woman’s tip slip, “<3 Princess [My Name]”.

I proceed to the six top and overhear and see the woman stop my manager and complain that I have been holding on to their cards for longer than fifteen minutes. She is upset. My manager knows me to be a good server. They see me holding the women’s cards in my hand and ignores them.

Me: “It was hardly fifteen minutes. Obviously, you have no idea the process I just went through.”

The woman scribbles out my little note, and her friend, on her own tip slip, writes me a note of her own.

Woman #2: “Maybe you should try smiling more.”

I was wearing a mask due to the health crisis; they wouldn’t have even been able to see my smile if I had, in fact, been smiling. They all tipped me pennies on what accumulated to be about a $200 check. And they took my good pen.