Easy To Table This Discussion

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My parents and I go to a local restaurant for a meal out. This place is very popular, and we go there a lot; it’s got good food and it’s affordable. It is early in the week, so the restaurant is empty. We get a small table.

A man and his partner take a table behind me but tell the server they’d like to sit at [our table number]. Naturally, the server is confused, but when asked, the man says that [our table] is normally their table. Since we’re sitting at it, he then sits there glaring at us, with my mum glaring right back.

To top it off, he glares at another family who have a very young infant who can’t stop crying no matter what the mother does.

We had a laugh about this later as, as I stood up and made a show of the empty restaurant before asking if there were named tables for all the regulars.

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