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(I work for a high-end, high-street store which generally goes above and beyond for customers. You have thirty days to return a non-sale item and seven days to return a sale item; beyond that it’s exchange or store credit. This policy is on every point of sale, on placards dotted around the store, and in the fitting room.

During sale time, our decorative image that goes behind the point of sales is changed to a MASSIVE banner with “sale items have a seven-day return policy” and our bags are changed to an obnoxious shade of pink with it written on that, too.

Whenever we make a sale with a sale item, we must say words along the lines of “sales items can only be returned within seven days; beyond that it’s exchange only” or be written up. ON TOP OF THAT, the entire return policy and all terms and conditions are written on the back of the receipt you get when you make a purchase.

It is a sale period at this store. A customer comes to the POS I am manning.)

Me: “Good afternoon! Is everything okay?”

Customer: “Good afternoon! My day is just wonderful; I just would like to make a return.”

(The customer places the bag on the counter. I start taking the clothes from the bag.)

Me: “May I ask what was wrong with the clothes?”

Customer: “Oh, I bought several in the same style but different sizes. I don’t like trying on in the store.”

Me: “Okay, then I can’t be the annoying cashier that attempts to get you to try something else. I see they’re sale items; do you have the receipt?”

Customer: “Yes, here it is.”

(She hands it over and I check the date; it has been over thirty days since she bought them, so she’s outside even the full-price policy date.)

Me: “Thank you. So, I see you bought these on [date], which puts it outside our return policy window, but—”

(The customer’s cheery attitude goes.)

Customer: “But only a little bit, so you can still do it, right? [Company] always looks after its customers.”

Me: “As these are sale items, the policy is only seven days, so you’re over it by a few weeks. I can offer you exchange or—”

Customer: “What do you mean, only seven days for sale items? Where does it say that?”

Me: “On the registers and shelves—”

Customer: “They weren’t there when I was in.” 

Me: “The banner—”

Customer: “It wasn’t up—”

Me: “We say it after we make a sale—”

Customer: *smugly* “It wasn’t said to me; so what are you—”

(I flip the receipt over.)

Me: “And on the back of your receipt.”

Customer: “Oh, but who reads those?”

(There is a pause. I then respond in a fake sweet voice.)

Me: “[Company] has done all in its power to get this policy to you; whether or not you decided to read it is down to you. Now, exchange or store credit?”

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