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Easy Like (I Can’t Work On) Sunday Morning

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I found myself between jobs for a time and wound up in my first fast-food job. It was… different. I marked down on my availability that I was flexible all days except Sunday, and they assured me this would be no problem. You can already see where this was going. 

Schedules were posted via a chat app late on Saturday nights, and more than once I caught them attempting to schedule me for the following Sunday morning. I’d gently correct this oversight and go back to bed, though it was very annoying having to keep vigil to find out if I was expected at work in a matter of hours.

Then, one day, I came home from church and turned on my phone to find a number of nasty messages on the app, all from the manager, saying that I was a no-show and would be fired if I didn’t show up ASAP. These were not private messages, either, and neither was my reply.

I told her that I had marked Sunday as my one day of unavailability and that if there was a problem with that, it should have been brought up when I was hired.

Cue the 180-degree turn in attitude! [Manager]’s defense was that no one tells her anything. This sounds like a thin excuse, I know, but given how crazy that place was in every area of “functionality”, I can actually believe she had never seen my paperwork and knew nothing but my name.

At work the next day, she approached me in person, sweet as pie, and said that if I had a problem with the schedule, all I had to do was privately tell her.

Shortly thereafter, she was replaced with a new manager, and a new rule was instituted that only managers could post on the app. I’m sure that rule had nothing to do with someone being publicly called out for crap. I don’t miss that job at all.

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