“Easy Assembly”… Riiiiight… 

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After years of offering to upgrade the furniture in my son’s room, he and his girlfriend finally decide to go to a popular Swedish build-your-own furniture store with my blessing to pick out a new piece of furniture to replace the ancient, decaying futon couch that he and his girlfriend sleep on.

This is the first piece of furniture that he has ever picked out completely on his own. I help them clear out the old futon and leave them to put the new one together.

Me: “Do you guys need anything else?”

My son speaks with an abundance of confidence.

Son: “No, we got it. This should go quickly!”

Two hours later, my son sticks his head into my office where I am holding office hours with my engineering design students.

Son: “Can you please ask them to design self-assembling furniture?”

It took them about four hours to put that thing together in a fairly warm room, and in the process, my son developed a new appreciation for all the furniture my husband and I assembled over the years. Pretty sure they slept well that night!

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