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Easier To Tear Up Than To Tear Him Up

| Romantic | July 5, 2014

(Because I’m my boyfriend’s first real girlfriend, he has trouble communicating relationship-style, and occasionally we have to talk about it, as it can be a problem sometimes. I also get teary at the smallest things, even if I’m not particularly sad.)

Me: “I kinda want to talk to you about your response to that text I sent you when I was upset the other day.”

Boyfriend: “Oh, god. Here we go.”

Me: “Don’t be like that. It’s nothing major. I just think that when I open up about something important, and you only have time to text me back a few words, ‘My god, woman, you talk a lot’ is not really the words you should choose.”

(I start to tear up and he freaks out.)

Me: “Just ignore the tears! I’m not upset!”

Boyfriend: “Ah, s***, now I’ve made you cry! I can’t do anything right!”

Me: *giggling* “Yes. Yes, you have, you a**. What are you going to do about it?”

Boyfriend: *thinks for five whole seconds* “Replace ‘you talk too much’ with ‘I love you’ next time?”

Me: “You have earned a kiss.”

Boyfriend: “Yay!”

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