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Easier Slayed Than Done, Part 3

| Related | January 1, 2014

(My younger cousin and I are bonding over our newly-discovered mutual love of an adventure video game. We are trying to take down a dragon with arrows.)

Cousin: *yelling at the dragon* “Come here! Come and get it! Do I have to spoon feed it to you?”

Me: “Eat the soup of doom!”

Cousin: *laughing* “Eat the yogurt of destruction!”

Me: “The cream cheese of desolation!”

Cousin: “The pumpkin pie of isolation!”

Me: “The mashed potatoes of despair!”

Cousin: “The ice cream of diligence!”

Me: “But ‘diligence’ means ‘persistence’. Like not giving up.”

Cousin: *pause* “Eat the ice cream of un-diligence!”

(We defeated the dragon. It was glorious.)


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