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Early Bird Gets The… Punishment?

, , , | Learning | April 11, 2018

(I’m a student in the 11th grade, and this semester, two of my classes happen to be in the same hall, so I carry around a book-bag with both class books in it so I don’t have to go back upstairs to switch them out. I have really bad anxiety, so I try my best not to be late for my history class, which is right after photography, since the teacher is very strict and has it out for me already. I leave class right after the bell rings and head down to my class, as I don’t have anything else to do. When I arrive, the door is open as students from the last class are leaving, and my teacher is talking to another teacher, so I walk in and wait for the others to arrive to set up the table. After a couple minutes, the other teacher leaves, my teacher turns to me, and the following exchange occurs:)

Teacher: “You realize that you came into class thirty seconds after the bell rang?”

Me: *confused, and not quite sure what he’s getting at* “Yeah?”

Teacher: “Where were you?”

Me: “In class. It’s right down the hall from yours.”

Teacher: “Yeah, I know, but you’re still here early. Why?”

Me: *getting even more confused, as he’s annoyed that I was on time* “I didn’t want to get yelled at for being late.”

Teacher: “Well, don’t do it again. You don’t need to be so early all the time.”

(I was very confused by the end, as it was the first time that I had ever been told off for being on time. Maybe next time I’ll just walk in late and actually give him a reason to get mad at me.)

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