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Each Class Suffers From Interference

| Learning | May 3, 2016

(We are studying about radio waves and how the sparks from a induction coil actually release radio waves that can interfere or be picked up using a handheld radio. My class decides to do a first hand investigation to prove this. I am handed the handheld radio and told to walk around in circles around an induction coil so we can see how strong the radio waves are. My classroom is small but has large windows on all but the front wall and is on the bottom floor of the science block, a separate building around 5-10 metres away from the nearest classrooms.)

Physics Teacher: *comes in after printing some sheets* “Are we done on the inside? Good! [My Name], start going outside and do slow circles. When the radio isn’t picking up anymore interference, stop where you are and call out. We’ll come to you and carry on the rest of the lesson.”

Me: “Sure thing.”

(I go outside and start moving in circles trying to find interferences. I eventually back up against the closest classroom, a year eight class studying maths with my old maths teacher.)

Me: “Meh, he won’t mind.”

(I go into his class and stand right in front of the whiteboard. The radio stops showing the interference from the induction coil.)

Me: *calling out* “[Physics Teacher], it’s done.” *turns around to face my old maths teacher* “Oh, hey, [Maths Teacher]! What are you guys studying?”

Maths Teacher: “Hello, [My Name]. Doing algebra. What are you doing?”

Me: “Oh, nothing much. Induction coils and radio waves. Just physics stuff.”

(We carry on talking about things. I even help his class answer some problems all the while with me standing in front of the whiteboard. Two minutes later my class and my physics teacher appear at the doorway.)

Physics Teacher: “Hey, [My Name], sorry we took a while but, yeah, the cat decided to come in and we had to chase him out. Now, on to the waves.”

(Our physics teacher walks over to the whiteboard and rubs out all of the maths teachers writing and proceeds to scribble Physics stuff.)

Year Eight Maths Student: “What the h*** is going on here?”

Year Twelve Physics Student: “Oh, you know, the basic stuff. Physics, induction coils, potential death rays. PHYSICS!”

Whole Year Eight Class: “COOOOOOOL!”

Maths Teacher: *shakes head in disappointment*

(Five minutes later we left and the maths class were talking. The maths teacher just swore and put up YouTube videos for the last five minutes of their class. We finished writing up our report. A few physics classes later the maths teacher came in and erased all the work off the board, yelling “PAYBACK’S A BITCH!” before walking out. It’s now a rivalry for the teachers to leave halfway through class and erase the whiteboards of the other teacher.)

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