E-special-ly Nasty Customers

, , , | Right | September 12, 2019

(I work at a diner near a busy road where a lot of families stop by on their way to skiing resorts. At this diner, you order and pay first and then get a beeper that signals when you can come and get your meal. A woman in her mid-40s comes and orders today’s special. Since it’s today’s special, our kitchen has everything ready for her meal and even before she leaves the checkout her food is served from the kitchen.)

Me: “Oh, your food is already ready! Here’s one special.”

Customer: “No, I want a new meal.”

Me: “Is there something wrong?”

Customer: “I won’t eat old food. I saw that plate standing there for more than ten minutes. You are just giving me some old food someone else didn’t want.”

Me: “I promise you that this came straight from the kitchen just for you. Our special is always ready which means that our chef only had to put it on a plate for you and that’s why your food came so fast.”

Customer: “No, I saw it standing there getting nasty! I want a new meal.”

(The customer got a new meal which, again, was served in just a minute while she could see the chef. When the customer went away with her food I started cleaning tables and was just happy with not having to deal with her again.)

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