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Dying To Use The Bathroom

| Learning | May 2, 2014

(In my history class we’re talking about assassinations in medieval Europe.)

Professor: “So, do any of you know where the most common place for a person to be assassinated was?”

Student #1: “In public?”

Professor: “No, that would mean too many witnesses.”

Student #2: “Inside the target’s home?”

Professor: “You’re close. I was actually referring to a specific room. Can you guess which one?”

(The class is silent.)

Professor: “All right, I’ll tell you. It was… the bathroom.”

Student #3: “What?!”

Professor: “Yup. Because most people would be too busy holding up their pants to fight back. In fact, some of the records we have from that time reference this. Oh, the Latin may translate to something like, ‘Killed while in a compromising position,’ but what they really mean is, ‘THEY GOT HIM WHILE HE WAS TAKING A S***!’”

(I don’t think I’ll ever forget where the most common location of medieval assassination was.)

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