Dying To Get Out Of The Exam

| Learning | May 27, 2014

(We’re in the last year of our school and have just taken our first exam. A rumour has been going round about guaranteed pass marks if someone in the exam dies, and one of my classmates decides to take it up with the unlucky sod teaching us that day.)

Classmate: “Miss, is it true that if someone in the exam dies, we all get our benchmarks?”

Teacher: “What? No!”

Classmate: “But what if someone dies?”

Teacher: “Then we put a sheet over them and you finish the exam.”

Classmate: “Aww, but I read it on the Internet!”

Teacher: *sarcastic* “Oh, well in that case it must be true!”

Classmate: “Okay, then, what if someone is shot?”

Teacher: “Well, then we’d be a bit busy trying to figure out where the illegal gun came from! And we’d still cover them with a sheet and tell you to get on with it.”

Classmate: “What if—”

Teacher: “Look, you aren’t getting out of the exams, [Classmate].”

Classmate: “Aw.”

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